Hellenic Institute of Education and New Technologies is an NGO, who cultivate and advances new technologies and aim at relating them to the Hellenic Educational System and Culture.

We aim at the harmonic co-operation of all European people, which will best serve the idea of the European integration, and also at the fostering of friendship and communication.
e are working on the construction of Multimedia, Cultural, Educational Leonardo &and Youth Projects.

This shall be mainly achieved by the exchange of educational, cultural, linguistic, sport, technical, and many other different experiences, and it will undoubtedly be beneficial both to the volunteers and to the hosting organization.
he use of computers has expanded worldwide, sweeping aside all distance and communication problems of the past and facilitating the dissemination of views and ideas.
herefore, today’s world demands an excellent knowledge of the use of computers and software, and having it will provide the volunteers with the possibility to expand the world they live in and with a theoretical and practical knowledge that will be very useful to them in whatever they do in the future.

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